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The Sand Dollar Design Graduate Programme is aimed at identifying and developing a new generation of designers and business leaders that are empowered to transform the digital landscape.

“Being a part of the Sand Dollar Design graduate program in 2019 was a total privilege. Under the teams’ guidance I grew in my knowledge of the Human Centred Design process and subsequently matured as a designer. Comparing the quality of the work that I deliver now, to that which I delivered before joining Sand Dollar Design is exciting because I can clearly see how much I have grown. The graduate program will expose you to UX best practice presented by true industry experts who are invested in your success and growth as an individual.


2019 UX Design Graduate


Our graduates gain experience and business knowledge through involvement in projects and on-the-job training, accompanied by a coaching programme to ensure each graduate develops to their full potential. We also try our best to match projects and deliverables to the growth areas of the person, to ensure optimal learning.

As part of the Graduate Programme you will:

• Receive formal training in the field of User-Centered Analysis and Design (also known as User Experience Design), Digital Health and other specialisations.
• Be placed directly into a project role on a 12-month programme, where we will gradually increase your level of responsibility.
• Work with industry experts as mentors and coaches.
• Work on local and international projects.
• Get an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others through Sand Dollar Design’s Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives.

What types of degrees are we looking for:

• Interaction Design
• Information Systems and Information Design
• Informatics
• Behavioral Economics
• Industrial Engineering
• Psychology
• Visual Design / Graphic Design
• Public Health (Masters)
• Medicine (MBChB)
• Masters in Business Administration
• Any post graduate degree related to Digital, Design or Management Consulting
Sand Dollar’s Design graduate programme is aimed at final and/or post graduate students studying a relevant degree at a recognised university.

In order to qualify for the Graduate Programme, you must meet the following criteria:

• Completed or currently completing a 3-year degree/ postgraduate studies at a recognised University.

• Must be under the age of 27 (exceptions may be made for Post-Graduate Candidates).

• Have achieved a minimum 65% average in your final year (across your major subjects).

• Must be willing to participate in the Sand Dollar Design Internship Programme

The Graduate programme has the following aims:

• To guide the intern in the transition from the academic world to the practical reality of the corporate world
• To present the intern with the opportunity to develop self-sufficiency, responsibility, and accountability
• To present varied experiences which will enable the intern to develop his/her adaptability and communication skills, and
• To encourage the development and ensure the intern accepts responsibility for the continuing development of his/her own competence.
• To identify strong candidates for future permanent employment within the organisation

As a leading Experience Design company in South Africa, we understand the importance of investing in people. We are always on the lookout for intelligent, motivated and customer-focused individuals to join our fantastic team.

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